Rachael Yamagata – Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart

Released on 7 October,there are nine tracks on this album by this young,attractive female singer.Songs of ending relationships,despair and waning female control dominate this album.

Rachael Yamagata is 31, half American and half Japanese,with some Italian and German ancestry thrown in,so she has plenty of emotional ammo for these songs.
Her voice has a slightly rough edge,its blues-rock.She has written songs for films/TV shows,including The O.C. and Elizabethtown(a cover of the Judee Sill original Jesus Was A Crossmaker),so she has a good pedigree musically.

I think this is an excellent album;it has lots of depth and width.Ms Yamagata has her own individual voice and style,she is fresh and listenable and we can relate to her songs and what they are about.

I liked Reason Why, and Sidedish Friend,with its slightly cynical tone. Accident is another cynical one….”everybody loves an accident and everybody loves what they read.”

In fact cynicism is the keyword to this album.Sung by a powerful character who is a survivor.

Worth a listen.

by Juliet Robertson

One Response to “Rachael Yamagata – Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart”

  1. Alice says:

    I really liked Rachael’s new album. She was a good choice for the Hotel Cafe tour. I saw the show at the 9:30. Anya Marina had a great set too. I love her voice and think she is so talented. The Hotel Cafe tour really put together a fine group of young women! I had a blast!