The Thermals

thethermals 294x300 The Thermals You have a new album coming out soon “Now We Can See” are you pleased with the results?

Quite. Kathy and I worked longer and harder on this record than any of our previous efforts. I think it definitely shows.

How was the experience working with John Congleton?

NICE. Just like our last record, when we were in the studio, there were only three of us. Kathy and I, and John. It made for very focused, undistracted sessions. John did what he does, which is to make shit W I D E.

What are going to be the singles released off the record? Any bsides ready to go?

The first single is the title track, “Now We Can See”, due out March 10th! The b-side is the non album track “My World”, plus there are demos for both songs on the single. Not sure what the second single will be yet, possibly “We Were Sick” or “I Let It Go”. There are more b-sides as well, “I Think Of You” and “Time Fell”, to name a few.

I read that “Now We Can See” will have a theme throughout the record. I was just wondering if you could expand on that for us?

The themes are water and land, life and love, love and death. There are many stories of death on the record, but these songs are really about life.

You recently signed to Kill Rock Stars. Have you noticed any big differences with being a new label?

Honestly the biggest difference is Kill Rock Stars is in Portland so we do most business in person with them. Also our A&R guy is a dog named Jackson, which is pretty fun.

‘More Parts Per Million’ will also be a special record in my heart. How do you think the band has evolved since that record?

I think that question would be better answered by our fans. I would like to say we get better and better, but i adore that first record as well!

You are touring with The Cribs again next month. It seems that you guys always meet up with them in the UK. Do you have a good relationship with them?

We do always meet up! We were actually just hanging out the other day here in Portland. We love those guys, and we love touring with them. It’s very sweet of them to take us out again, let’s hope their fans are as sweet as they were last time. Doot-doo doo-doo, doo-doo-doot!

How do you think 2009 will play out for the band?

I think it will be a lot of hard work, but if we just keep our heads down and power through, victory is attainable.

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