Sara Lov – Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming

saralov2 150x150 Sara Lov   Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming After a decade of fronting the Los Angeles dream pop band Devics, this is Lov’s first solo offering, and Devics fans won’t be disappointed. Apart from the absence of Dustin O’Halloran’s vocals, there isn’t a massive change in the overall sound but I love this album, and I’d actually go as far to say that I prefer it to any of the previous Devic releases.

Seasoned Eyes fits snugly into the dream pop genre, combining cinematic soundscapes with disjointed and almost dreamlike lyrics that make me want to listen to this album again and again, it’s been playing on my iPod since I got it and there’s not a single track I want to skip. Whether deliberate or not there are dozens of influences in Lov’s vocal melodies, from which you could gain a comparative reference, such as Aimee Mann, The Carpenters, and the chorus of the title track has a definite Texas sound to it, but it’s still difficult to pigeon hole the album in its entirety.

The highlight is a track called Animals, a simple acoustic duet performed with Alex Brown Church. This could so easily have been a forgettable and cliché ballad but as with all the tracks the randomness of the lyrics makes it unique, and yet it all strangely seems to make sense. The vocals sound almost haunting as she sings lines such as ‘what kind of animal are we? I should have never let you into me’. It’s impossible to second guess a single line of dialogue as you hear this album for the first time, and yet it all seems so very familiar.

Lov has had an interesting life filled with bizarre incidents; she was actually kidnapped at the age of four by her father, who took her to live in Israel for a decade before she was bought back to Los Angeles by an uncle. Even her name which appears odd, and many people seem to think it’s misspelt, or it’s been changed but it hasn’t. All the eccentricities that make up the foundation of this peculiar individual are reflected in this album, making it sound genuine and heartfelt but without being pretentious or a struggle to listen to, Lov has a great ear for a melody and it really shows.

I’d like to come up with some kind of criticism for Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming but I actually can’t, I love this album and I can’t fault it, the lyrics, arrangements, and melodies are perfect, I wouldn’t change anything.

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