Thieves Like Us – Play Music

thieves 150x150 Thieves Like Us – Play MusicThieves Like Us finally unleashed their long awaited debut. The band have been around for the last few months with various singles. The one of note is “Drugs In My Body.” and the thing about this song that I think makes it resonate so well with people is that it successfully takes in elements from quite a few of your favorite dance acts into clean and tight package. You can hear Daft Punk, Depeche Mode and many other influences in the track. “Play Music” is meant to be a late night record. “Drugs In My Body” does give you some pep but the rest of the record is a rather moody and dark affair. “Lady” feels like the last song after a crazy weekend night. “Your Heart Feels” has a dark and meaningful sound but with these gentle spoken vocals it comes out like quite the juxtaposition. The contrast in sound make it sound like a demo of a Depeche Mode tack. The album ends on a abstract note with “Sugar & Song.” That puts on a fitting cap onto this record.

“Play Music” is best served very late at night and most likely under the influence. “Drugs In My Body” and “Miss You” have some broader appeal. The best thing about the album is that it brings a raw and organic sounds to a genre that usually lacks that type of song.

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