Phantogram – Mouthful Of Diamonds

phantogram finaledit 150x150 Phantogram   Mouthful Of DiamondsOpening track from the band’s newly released eponymous EP is destined to make waves in the indie music circuit. Complete with electro squeaks, hip hop beats, airy guitar, and the lovely, magnetizing voice of Sarah Barthel, it is both accessible and inescapably modern. Hipsters, take notice.

Download: Phantogram – Moutful Of Diamonds

4 Responses to “Phantogram – Mouthful Of Diamonds”

  1. moira says:

    Spencer!! your review is perfect. don't forget about their wonderful lyrics. phantogram will take over the world!

  2. Alex says:

    Great song! Sarah's voice is enthralling. The rest of their EP is definitely worth the listen.

  3. flailer says:

    super chub

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