Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca

bitteorca 150x150 Dirty Projectors   Bitte OrcaThe Dirty Projectors music is almost likeable, if not for the annoying whiny high-pitched singing. So imagine my surprise we I discover that their new album, Bitte Orca, is not too bad due to the amazing rhythms.

The singing is a bit hard to stomach at times. The awkward voices almost never seem to match the high caliber of the melodies. The singing is over done and at times seems to be trying to hard to pull off a Coldplay or Joan Jett sound without the Coldplay or Joan Jett melodies. It just comes across as very awkward.

Yet, awkward singing and all, I still found that the album still had some redeemable qualities because of the rhythms. The actual music, sans voices, was just so exceptional. I found myself bopping my head along to the beat a lot. I absolutely loved it. It’s so good that it made me wish that someone else I actually liked was singing over these great tempos. But once I started focusing strictly on the beat, the singing didn’t seem SO bad. It actually fit in perfectly with the rhythm of some of the songs, like The Bride, a song I actually like. There are some really great rock and alternative rhythms in this album. But of course this feeling of musical accordance doesn’t last long because the singing is awkward.

Overall, I think the album is ok. If you’re a fan of awkward, artistic emo rock, or you like really good music and don’t care about how the singing sounds then you might like this album. If not, don’t waste you money or hurt your ears.

By Kim Currin

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