Daedelus & Jogger – Friends of Friends Remixed

5691 150x150 Daedelus & Jogger   Friends of Friends Remixed‘Friends of Friends Volume One ft Daedelus and Jogger’ is getting the remix treatment. The original EP was released earlier this year with each band providing 3 tracks to the EP. The remixed version takes a few of the choicest tracks and has some very fine minds rework them. Jogger’s track “Night Tights” is remixed four times on the release. The best of the bunch is the Mexicans With Guns remix. The track does not change the original all that much but giving it an infusion of energy at those few junctures. The Dadelus tracks seem to take on a different form. For example, “Off To The Races (Meanest Man Contest Remix)” brings in a lot of hip hop elements into the track. The best of the bunch for me has to be the “LA Nocturn” remix by Eliot Lipp. Eliot did not do a whole lot to the original track apart from adding some trashy beats and other twists and turns to give it a bit more spice. If you have already grabbed the Friends of Friends EP this is worth a look. But if you haven’t, I would start with the original EP first. A quick look on Amazon shows you can get both for around the 10 dollar mark so a worthy investment.

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