Live Review: Heaven and Hell @ WaMu Theatre at Madison Square Garden, New York 8-25-09

Thirty years ago, I would have be going to see Black Sabbath at the Felt Forum.  Last week, I saw Heaven and Hell at the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

In what was an interesting site, Sabbath fans had to navigate through the Britney Spears fans who were there to see her play the big Madison Square Garden.  By the time I got in, I completely missed the opening band, Coheed and Cambria.  On the bright side, they probably weren’t very good.

The stage was set up like the gates of hell.  Eddie Trunk came out to introduce the group.  The band came out dressed in black playing instrumental E5150 and going right into Mob Rules. The set was mostly filled with what you’d expect, which is cool, because I had never seen this lineup before.  They sounded great, played a few songs off each albums.  The new stuff totally holds up to the classics.  They closed the set up by playing an eighteen minute Heaven and Hell, then came back out to play the first verse of Country Girl right in to Neon Knights and then back into the last few bars of Heaven and Hell.

Here’s the setlist (from memory, so may be slightly out of order):
Mob Rules
Children of the Sea
Bible Black
Time Machine
Falling of the Edge of the World
Follow the Tears
Die Young
Heaven and Hell

Country Girl/Neon Knights/Heaven and Hell

2 Responses to “Live Review: Heaven and Hell @ WaMu Theatre at Madison Square Garden, New York 8-25-09”

  1. Markus says:

    Fuck you man Coheed and Cambria performed amazingly that night. Even the guy who I went with, who had never heard of the band and was there to see Heaven and Hell, said that they were a good band. On a side note Heaven and Hell were also fucking awesome. However, I digress. The point is fuck you and your closed mind.

    • Henry Krinkle says:

      Dude, calm down. Take a joke. I tried to catch them. I didn't make it on time. If you noticed, I write similar comments for every band that I miss. Its nothing personal to Coheed and Cambria.

      ps- Too bad your boyfriend didn't write the review

      pps- Oh snap!