Review: Mother Mother – Oh My Heart

Mother Mother O My Heart 150x150 Review: Mother Mother   Oh My Heart Gruelling The Pixies-eque atmospheric instrumentals build into a JJ72 styled indie stroll, before the stammering vocal delivery of Ryan Guldemond and sturdy guitars give new single, ‘Oh My Heart’ a passing heavier touch.

Mother Mother continues Canada’s trend for coming up with moody and ranging acts. Something that is well drawn out in the more down-tempo mixed ranging, ‘Heart Heavy’. Molly Guldemond joins the vocal front, as her searching and clear pitch runs neatly alongside the echoing falsetto of Ryan. Ali Siadit controls the tempo with driving and coasting percussion grooves. That occasionally allows the hounding horns to dominate.

Now on their second album, Mother Mother are continuing to build a reputation for varied well arranged songs that serve up emotion on a plate for the listener to devour at will.

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