Review: The Wombats – Tokyo

thewombats 150x150 Review: The Wombats   TokyoThe autumn is bringing about a change in direction for Matt Murphy and his fellow musical marsupials. Through ‘TOKYO Vampires & Wolves’ they seem to be beginning the retreat from teeny indie pop into a sorrowful, haunting and hanging sound that twists together elements of The Editors, Athlete and Duran Duran. The maturity and reflection on show, along with well timed spasms of electro tinged 80s pop enthusiasm, will almost certainly steer them away from another ill-fated Christmas Number 1 attempt.

This prelude to their intriguing second album will not disappoint those eager for some more dingy stomping, but Da Wombies will distract them with their sincerity and 80s appreciation. You can prepare to close and lock the door on the one album wonder pit, as these guys won’t be falling into it, at least not on this evidence anyway.

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