Review: Japanese Voyeurs – Milk Teeth


japanese voyeurs milk teeth 150x150 Review: Japanese Voyeurs   Milk TeethMoody, backward gazing new wave spirited femme provocation with the odd nod, wink and snarl at Queen Adreena and Siouxsie and the Banshees, encapsulates the spirit of the gruelling and sometimes reflective, ‘Milk Teeth’. The rumbling bass-lines of Johnny Seymour and gritty percussion of Steve Wilson that touches Metallica level at times, matching the occasional grizzly vocal injection from Romily Alice. Spasms of Kitty pitched spewing of the term “Fresh Meat”, adds to the potency on show in this advert for the pending debut album, ‘Yolk’.

Some soul backing, heart and wandering guitar led instrumental touches, provides for a change of pace and focus for the racing indie/alt rocking, ‘Godzilla’. It sees Romily Alice giving this sub-two minute teaser oodles of playful spirit and the odd foxy nudge. Japanese Voyeurs mingle the lurid with the salacious, the paranoid and the sordid. Providing for an alternative to your run-of-the-mill rock, indie and alt’ music.

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