The Builders and the Butchers – Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning Cover 150x150 The Builders and the Butchers   Dead ReckoningFor me, this it’s hard for me to decide how I feel about this album. After a couple weeks of regular listening, I’ve decided that it has less to do with the song quality (which is excellent), and more with song placement. Dead Reckoning is very schizophrenic album. The songs constantly alternate from being very brooding and somber to upbeat and climactic, and it’s really tough to pinpoint an overall tone throughout the record.

It opens with the slow-building I Broke the Vein, a song surprisingly not about water or the Devil. This is a great introduction not only because of the aforementioned build-up, but also because the ups and downs are good indications of what the next 45 minutes have in store.

Anyway,  they the instrumentation is a bit stripped down since their previous album Salvation is a Deep Dark Well, although the album production is just as crisp and glossy. As of now, Lullaby is my personal favorite track, but taht could be because it sounds more indicative of their previous material.

At the crux of the album is All Away, a melancholy number with some really beautiful guitar work. This is followed by the classically Spanish Cradle on Fire, perhaps the record’s most upbeat tune. Blood For You is shows the peak of their minimalistic creativity, being composed entirely of vocals and loud driving percussion.

Overall, although Dead Reckoning can be all over the map (see what I did there?), it’s a pretty solid record, and fans previous albums should find it enjoyable. Below is a download of Lullaby.
04 Lullaby

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