Review: Funeral For A Friend – Sixteen

funeral for a friend nov10 1110 150x150 Review: Funeral For A Friend   SixteenWale’s favourite woe wranglers; Funeral For A Friend (FFAF) follow up the release of the varied, power ballad littered fifth album ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’. By choosing the rhythm rustling and longing rock sojourn of ‘Sixteen’, as the latest single to promote their continuing reputation as foraging and expansive rockers. FFAF are backing their yearning rattling percussion pushed aspect of its set up, in order to keep their growing grass roots base of fans contented.

Davies-Kreye’s’ slightly nasal pushed and harrowingly emotive vocals that are backed to the hilt by stern percussion and spindling rock guitars, shows that FFAF are still keen to combine energy, rhythm and a bleeding heart in their music. Demo ‘Owls (Are Watching)’, is a searchingly built power ballad that use’s Davies-Kreye’s’ echoing and laboured vocals as well as his tempo lifting ability to hark back to their searchingly reflective days. This approach is emboldened by some eerily distorted backing vocals. Meaning that range and aching heart are still important elements of the FFAF song structure.

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