Review: Mother Mother – The Stand/ Simply Simple

Mika dancing the fandango with Salt N’ Pepa, as The Magic Numbers look on drunk is the general vibe given off from, ‘The Stand’. It’s a testament to the shameless funky pop approach of this Canadian quintet that they can conjure up a song like this in the build up to their third album, ‘Eureka’. Yet they do not send the sap-ometer passed breaking point.

Front man, Ryan Guldemond indulges in a risqué back and forth with two femme backing vocalists, to instil provocation and some needy catchiness. It’s difficult to judge a song like this from a band who has sauntered into third album territory on the back of sterling live reputation. The true acid test for this song remains in the live setting.

An ability to return to traditional slow building pop balladry is a necessary balance for a band like this. In this case, ‘Simply Simple’ it’s stroked along comfortingly by the rat-a-tat percussion of Ali Sidat, ‘Simply Simple’, shows that Mother Mother possess a more sombre side that’s imperative for longevity purposes.

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