The Builders and the Butchers @ The Mercury Lounge, NYC 4-11-11

l 150x150 The Builders and the Butchers @ The Mercury Lounge, NYC 4 11 11A few nights ago, I went out to see The Builders and the Butchers and had a really great time. To start off, it was the first really nice day we had in weeks, so I was already in a good mood when I got to the Mercury Lounge. Next, I ended up spending a lot of the night talking to strangers from all over the country about hockey, which is always cool.

But what’s important is the music, and the music was good all night. First off was Matt Lowell who did the kinda Eddie Vedder thing, but in a cool way. Next was Daimon Suomi and the Minor Prophets who played this traditional Irish type music.

After all that, The Builders and the Butchers opened up their set a cappella with The Night pt 2. Then (I think) they went into Spanish Death Song. Their live sound is a very stripped-down arrangement of their songs consisting primarily of (mainly) acoustic strings and percussion. I was a little disappointed about the lack of horns, but apart from that, they sounded great, and it’s cool to hear something that differs from the album.

I Broke the Vein was fantastic. Other highlights were Short Way Home and Golden and Green. At the end of the night, they invited everyone from the opening acts to grab instruments as they brought acoustic guitars, bass drums, a washboard, tambourines, and other assorted instruments into the crowd for an extended singalong of Find Me in the Air and Cecillia. Like I said earlier, lots of fun.

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