Melvins – Sugar Daddy Live

After 27 years, the Melvins have finally released a proper (full length, widely available) live album. Sugar Daddy features a nearly-complete setlist from the 2008 tour with their current four-piece lineup.

Now, if you enjoy the Melvins as much as I do, you should know exactly what you’re getting with this release. The only concern would be the mastering which sounds great. A bit better than Pick Your Battles, and totally worth getting. Below is a download of Civilized Worm if you want to check that out.

For those of you that might need a little more information, what you need to know is that after many lineup (bassist) changes, they expanded to a four-piece in 2006. They now do one of those dual-drummer things which sounds cool on the records, but totally annihilates live. They’re a very different band now.

Sugar Daddy is mostly composed of songs written by this incarnation of the band (specifically off (A) Senile Animal and Nude With Boots) and a few really old fan-favorites sprinkled in there. The lone rarity on this is The Star Spangled Banner (I know it’s weird to refer to TSSB as a rarity, but it was a b-side to their Detroit Rock City 7″ a couple years ago) which is played straight and A cappella (mostly; there’s a few drums).

All in all, it’s a really good record and a good representation of their live show, although it pales in comparison to actually being at a Melvins show. But then, I guess, so do most things.

Sugar Daddy Live will be released by Ipecac Records on May 31st.

(So we’ve recently been having some technical difficulties here at Comfort Comes, and again I’m going to link you to my page so you can get the download and see the artwork until this clears up:

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