Review: Gringo Star – Count Yer Lucky Stars

Glam yelping introduced, retro splashing together of The Byrds and The Kinks rubbed dry by a psychedelic towel, summarises the jangle percussion shoved, inner-spirit releasing, ‘Shadow’. The versatile vocals take on a bluesy nudge to face-off against the pop-rock revolving guitar led instrumentals, ‘You Want It’. It helps this Atlanta quartet make the statement that with this second album, they will explore some of the different angles alternative rock has to offer. A sharing of vocal duties helps Gringo Star to provide a bit of variety in their exploration of rock gone by.

‘Beatnik Angel Georgie’, filters in a country rock twist, as the slightly intoxicated vocals stumble over the trotting percussion of Pete De Lorenzo. His adroit often sets the tone. A prime example of this is the echoing pop-rock cruising title track. Featuring some humbling lyrical simplicity:

“Everybody falls, falls sometimes.”

The creepy, haunting instrumental of the light rock ballad, ‘Come Alive’ contrasts with uplifting message and represents an effective departure for a band that, at times, is in danger of being labelled too backward gazing and derivative. The slow building acoustic strummed, ‘Esmeralda’ makes for an achingly reflective interlude, before a bit of chilled out The Coral veined psychedelic flavour adds a bit of spice to the epic, people musing that’s on display. A snappier folk-pop-rock pushed ode to a special gal, ‘Jessica’ keeps the psychedelic touch ticking over. Acoustic weaving and psychedelic mystery mingles well with weary vocals for the mystical lyrics decorated, ‘Light The Sky’. Lending more variety to test the mettle of decorated producer, Ben Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Deerhunter), but he proves up to the task, as this second album stands out from the retro crowd, mainly for the ground covered and the vocal range on display.

A longing almost harrowing, bedraggled low-key rock lagged, ‘Make You Mine’. Communicates the need to be wanted and, is admirable for its Beatles-esque ability to deliver simple lyrics with belief, whilst also shrouding them in mystery. It helps to underline an accomplished second album. Already you can’t help but ponder what approach they will take when they tread boldly into third album territory? One thing’s for sure, they’ll at least get there.

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