John Zorn- Nosferatu

7397 150x150 John Zorn  NosferatuI don’t really get many John Zorn albums anymore. It’s not that I don’t like them. I just have A LOT. Way more than I have time to listen to. So I’m a lot more choosey these days.  This one struck me as pretty unique.

This is a score Zorn composed for a Polish stage version of Nosferatu. The quartet of musicians includes long-time collaborator Bill Laswell.

There’s quite a bit of diversity throughout this hour of music. It opens with ambient sounds and textures. There are the louder more abrasive songs that Zorn is known for (although not even close to Naked City-type stuff) juxtaposed to calm quiet piano tracks. The album varies from experimental to psychedelic electric jams. There are even traditional jazz saxophone and piano pieces.

Anyway, I haven’t seen the play but the album works great on it’s own. It’s probably one of his more accessible albums and has something for everyone (disclaimer: not everyone).

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