Melvins Lite- Freak Puke (Now With Sound!)

ipc 136 150x150 Melvins Lite  Freak Puke (Now With Sound!)For anyone who doesn’t know, the Melvins have gone through many lineup changes throughout the years. And for the most part, I mean bassist changes. The core duo of King Buzzo (guitar) and Dale Crover (drums) have been playing together since their first release in 1986. Their latest incarnation has been releasing albums as a four-piece the last six years.

Freak Puke is a change from that paradigm. Over the past few years, Buzz and Dale have played as a two-piece calling themselves “Melvins Lite.” Last summer they added jazz bassist Trevor Dunn the mix. Dunn’s actually played a handful of live dates throughout the years, including the Houdini Live album.

So I hope I’ve caught everybody up without too much confusion. You want to know how the album is?

It’s great. Really. The “lite” moniker is a bit misleading. This doesn’t sound like MTV Unplugged. It may be light compared to their doom metal stuff, but this is definitely a rock album. Or at least a fusion album, as there is some jazz bass. Even a few bass solos. Like actually solos where only one instrument is playing.

Although the album is very unique to their catalog, it has the experimental vibe of the albums they were making a decade ago. Then add an upright bass into the mix. Mixed in with some rockers that more like their recent Alice Cooperish songs. And throw in a Wings cover.  So yeah. It’s one of those kinds of albums.

EDIT: So the album’s out now and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it, but in case you still need some convincing here’s a download of Leon Vs the Revolution which I feel has a real Primus vibe:

06 Leon vs. The Revolution

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