Primus @ Hammerstein Ballroom, New York 10-19-12

543425 488012807900347 1911754388 n 150x150 Primus @ Hammerstein Ballroom, New York 10 19 12Primus is in the midst of their 3-D Tour complete with glasses for their visual show and a surround sound audio setup that they are bringing to the venues. It’s a pretty cool gimmick. The 3-D looked like there were bubbles and other random things floating around on the stage. It sounded great. Although the few times I’ve been to the Hammerstein Ballroom always sounded great.

And what really matters is that the music was great. They played for about two and a half hours combined, and really pulled out some cool rarely (if ever) played tunes. I’ve been seeing Primus for many years now. And recently it’s kind of been mostly favorites from their first two albums. For me at least. I know they change up their sets from night to night.

The highlight for me was hearing them open up the second set with The Return of Sathington Willoughby which is something I never would have thought they would ever play live. Hamburger Train was also very cool. I haven’t been able to see them since the release of Green Naugahyde, so all the new songs were also treats. There was also a lot of Punchbowl, and Les played Big Rock Candy Mountain solo.

The night was closed out with HOINFODAMAN and Tommy the Cat. Both were accompanied with particularly killer guitar solos.

1st Set
American Life
Prelude to a Crawl
Last Salmon Man
Frizzle Fry
Over the Falls
Lee Van Cleef
Eyes of the Squirrel
Hamburger Train
Del Davis Tree Farm
Those Damn Blue Collar Tweekers

2nd Set
Return of Sathington Willoughby
Moron TV
Southbound Pachyderm
Eternal Consumption Engine
Glass Sandwich
Jilly’s on Smack
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Hats Off
Over the Electric Grapevine
Hello Skinny (Residents)
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

Tommy the Cat -> The Awakening -> Tommy the Cat

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