Tweak Bird – Undercover Crops

tweakbird undercovercrops cover 150x150 Tweak Bird   Undercover CropsUndercover Crops is the new EP from Illinois duo Tweak Bird. Granted their full length isn’t really that much longer, but I feel the shorted format plays to their strengths a little better.

With songs roughly around two minutes, there isn’t room for any padding.¬† Songs are lean and don’t meander. There’s a pretty weird intro song, then six heavy rockers.

And I may call the band weird, but it’s weird in a not-weird kind of way. What I mean is that there are some pretty different sound effects and the vocals are pretty unique, but the song structure is pretty standard.

Overall, it’s a short but very solid EP. It’s being released by Volcom Entertainment on October 9th, and you can currently see Tweak Bird opening for the Melvins on most their record-breaking tour. Note: Tweak Bird will not be breaking any records.

Jim Coleman – Trees

g07971 150x150 Jim Coleman   TreesJim Coleman, most known for being a long-term Cop Shoot Cop member as well as JG Thirlwell collaborator in Baby Zizanie, has recently released his first official solo album. His two previous solo efforts that were released as Phylr. Unlike the electronic loops that composed the Phylr albums, Trees is much mellower and consists of pianos, horns, and strings. It clocks in just over an hour, and is very very cool. Any fans of ambient music should check this out.

Review: The Love Dimension – Forget The Remember

This five piece band are from San Francisco and were formed in 2008. They promote themselves as a psychedelic alt country rock band,with wide musical influences including The Doors,The Mamas and The Papas,Jefferson Airplane,The Yardbirds and Nirvana,amoung countless others too numerous to list here.

They have recently signed with London-based label Smoky Carrot Records,having toured the east and west coast of the USA,and also the mid-west.

This is a REAL reborn 1960s hippy band,whose female vocalist Celeste wears red onstage and boasts Native American Indian history.She and the band are classy and laid-back onstage.There are eleven tracks on the album,all upbeat and positive songs,guaranteed to make your endorphins sing.

I liked this album.Its nicely-balanced songs chime well on my ear.I’m very excited about their sound,which is alive and well in the 21st Century.

Recommended listening.

By Juliet Robertson

Nihill – Verdonkermaan

HH666 163 Verdonkermaan 4c 150x150 Nihill   VerdonkermaanFirst off, I want to mention that I’m not all that familiar with black metal. I’ve got a couple albums and a few friends that are pretty into it, but I haven’t really heard enough to understand the variations and nuance from band to band.

Anyway, Dutch band Nihill has a new record which was recently sent to me. It’s got some pretty crazy and evil stuff on it. A lot of it is comprised of faster thrash influenced tracks although there are some slower moments. The most unique song on the album is Gnosis Pt IV, a continuation from songs songs on their first album. It’s quiet and ambient and vocals are entirely whispered.

Although black metal’s not really my thing I find this album to be pretty dynamic and enjoyable.