News: Abe Vigoda To Tour With Vampire Weekend

303 150x150 News: Abe Vigoda To Tour With Vampire WeekendAbe Vigoda recently announced a month-long Spring tour with Billboard chart-toppers Vampire Weekend.


3/6 – - Oakland, CA – - 21 Grand **

3/7 – - San Francisco , CA – - Bottom of the Hill **

3/9 – - Santa, Cruz, CA – - Crepe Place **

3/10 – - Los Angeles, CA – - Echo **

3/11 – - San Diego, CA – - Bar Pink Elephant **

3/12 – - Phoenix, AZ – - Trunk Space **

3/13 – - Santa Fe, NM – - Corazon **

3/16 – - Dallas, TX – - Lounge on Elm St. **#

3/22 – - Minneapolis, MN – - First Avenue *

3/23 – - Milwaukee, WI – - Riverside Theater *

3/24 – - Madison, WI – - The Project Lodge @

3/25 – - Chicago, IL – - Riviera Theater *

3/26 – - Chicago, IL – - Riviera Theater *

3/27 – - Knoxville, TN – - Tennessee Theater *

3/30 – - Toronto, ON – - The Sound Academy *

3/31 – - New York, NY – - Mercury Lounge ##

4/1 – - Boston, MA – - Orpheum Theatre *

4/2 – -Philadelphia, PA – - Electric Factory *

4/3 – - Washington, DC – - DAR Constitution Hall *

4/5 – - Nashville, TN – - Ryman Auditorium *

4/6 – - Asheville, NC – - Orange Peel *

4/8 – - Atlanta, GA – - The Tabernacle *

4/9 – - New Orleans, LA – - House of Blues *

4/10 – - Austin, TX – - Stubb’s BBQ *

4/11 – - Dallas, TX – - House of Blues *

4/13 – - Tempe, AZ – - Marquee Theater *

4/14 – - Pomona, CA – - Fox Theater *

4/19 – - Oakland, CA – - Fox Theater *

4/20 – - Oakland, CA – - Fox Theater *

*= w. Vampire Weekend
**= w. Lovvers
# =w. Vivian Girls
@ = w. Gringo Star
## = w. Effi Briest

Spoonfed’s Gig Of The Month: The Mae Shi + Tubelord + Abe Vigoda at Bardens Boudoir May 12th

abe 150x150 Spoonfeds Gig Of The Month: The Mae Shi + Tubelord + Abe Vigoda at Bardens Boudoir May 12thYou’d either have to be dead, terminally into Belle and Sebastian or utterly misguided to not want to live in LA right now.

Yeah, we know the food is plastic and everyone seems to be carrying heavy weaponry, but it’s always sunny, the sea is on your door-step and every band on the punk scene seems to have realised that the Circle Jerks, The Descendents and Berlin-era David Bowie are all amazing, and, like totally work in one song.

Fortunately AITBF have managed to coax two of LA’s most awesome acts to Stokie for one night of US amazingness. For those who aren’t familiar, or have always wondered what they were listening to on Skins, The Mae Shi are an array of shambolic punk, disco bleeps and broken hip hop whose songs deal with lofty topics like religious mass murder, whilst Abe Vigoda are beautifully melodic tropical punk act that have seem to make the friendliest music known to humanity.

Add to that Kingston stop-start punk kids Tubelord and you have one hell of a frickin’ party. Be there or be at home with your Counting Crow records, dude.

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Abe Vigoda – Don’t Lie

abv 150x150 Abe Vigoda   Dont LieAbe Vigoda’s follow-up to their 2008 record Skeleton is a new five song EP.We are so excited to have the lead track from Abe Vigoda’s new EP “Reviver” for download. “Don’t Lie”

Mp3: Abe Vigoda – Don’t Lie

Abe Vigoda

abenewcrush 300x200 Abe VigodaGive us the back story on Abe Vigoda. How did the band meet and get together?

Abe Vigoda started back in high school. We all used to hang out by this planter during lunch period and geek out over 90s alternative. Suburban and sweet. Me and Juan started to mess around with drum machines and keyboards after school. We started to take it more seriously and our friend Albert Torres recorded this demo for us under the name Microcassette. (This has since been lost forever) We dropped the CD off at this venue in Pomona called the 51 buckingham, and we got set up with this month long residency. Our first shows ever. Our friend Zach caught one of these nervous gigs and asked if we needed a drummer. Me and Juan thought we could start something entirely different, so the 3 of us started playing this really over the top dance-punk. We made another demo with Albert, this time under the name Abe Vigoda. We called it “Glenn Close on the Ivory Coast”. It can be a little more than embarrassing to listen to now. David joined in on bass soon after, and it got better. It was around this time when we started playing at the smell. Our whole vision of what the band could be just seemed to grow wider after that. Playing more, touring, recording albums. It was january of 2005 when our best friend Reggie Guerrero joined the band as drummer. We decided to take a whole new direction from there. It was way more free, chaotic, brash. The band has kind of evolved from that place into what it is now.

For those who don’t know about it. Can you tell us what The Smell is?

It is an ongoing and completely open discussion on music and art. Everyone showcases their approach. It lives in an alley, in downtown Los Angeles. All Ages, No booze. Jim Smith runs the place tirelessly. He feels its an important discussion.

Do you see your new EP as a extension of the last record or something that is branching out more?

This New EP is definitely something different. There is a new energy behind it. I feel like its taking certain aspects of the Skeleton and driving them into the ground, while taking this new idea and hoisting it up like a weird flag. I think its pretty dramatic.

On your new EP you guys have a Stevie Nicks cover song. What made you record “Wild Heart” ?

My roommate Matthew showed me this candid video of Stevie Nicks singing the song backstage. It is her and her back up singers singing along to this really simplified demo version. It really struck me. The version on Reviver is a loose take on this strange and beautiful you tube video. I have really been obsessing over stevie’s lyrics, her image, for over a year now.

I have notice you have been referred to as “tropical punk” before. What do you think of the phrase?

I don’t mind it. Only, I don’t think it will be relevant much longer. The band is always changing and I really feel that reviver is a signifier of this.

Favorite Abe Vigoda movie?

The Godfather. Sal Tessio sells out the family.

Any 2009 resolutions? What can we expect from the band during the rest of the year?

2009 – Just be good. Don’t suck in 2009.
We are probably going to be touring alot this year. We are making our first ever sxsw appearance this year. I’m pumped to see that mess. Australian tour in april. UK/Europe in may. US tour to follow. I don’t know. See ya around?

Questions were answered by Michael Vidal (vocals, guitar)