Kylesa – From the Vaults Vol 1

kylesafromvaults 150x150 Kylesa   From the Vaults Vol 1I’ve got another compilation this week. Much like the Isis album, this is hardly a must have but something nice for completists or people jonesing for some Kylesa (it’s been a little over two years and counting we’ve been waiting for a new album).

And this isn’t just a bunch of old tracks thrown together. Many of these tracks were worked on specifically for this album. Tracks are  really culled from all over the place.  There are a few unfinished tracks lying around that were completed. There are a couple updated versions of album and 7″ songs. The touch-ups help give the album more cohesion since the songs were written throughout the past ten years. There’s also a brand new song End Truth right in the center of everything.

For me, the album’s highlights are the two covers near the end. Pink Floyd’s Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun is probably their most circulated rarity. I think it’s originally from a Pink Floyd tribute. It’s nice to see that it’s finally getting a proper release. The other is Buzzov*en’s Drained. I’m not sure if this was ever released before, but it’s a great.

My only complaint is that the album kind of just drops off at the end finishing  with a drum jam (creatively titled Drum Jam). Between that and the two covers, it feels like they didn’t know how to fit them all in with the other songs so they just got dumped at the end. Apart form that it’s a good comp. They’re all solid songs.