Thieves Like Us – Really Like to See You Again

really like to see you again 150x150 Thieves Like Us   Really Like to See You AgainThieves Like Us are a band that I seem to have a love/hate relationship with each track that I hear. I was a little lukewarm towards the bands last release. “Really Like To See You Again” is getting pressed in a limited run. This four song selection stuck out with me. The title track sounds like an 80s love song that just arrived to late and has a raw charm. The simplistic lyrics and a very personal feel gives it that extra touch which is hard to do considering all the stuff in the song. “Desire” has a mesmerising effect in the background that sounds like some sort of bird. This EP could have used something with a little more kick to it as at times it did feel to be laggy but the band are progressing nicely from their debut release.